Night Nannies

Premium night nannies help parents to get a good night sleep, they will come to your house in the evening and spend all night looking after the baby and mum.

The nanny will also help with the baby laundry if required.

Our night nannies have specialist skills with twins and triplets. Some will travel abroad to help you in those early months.

At Premium Nannies our nannies are fully qualified with enhanced DBS checks, first aid certificates and up to date references.


Night Nanny roles:

  • Washing and sterilising the feeding bottles
  • Checking and changing baby’s nappy
  • Soothing the baby to sleep
  • Getting the baby into a sleeping routine
  • Feeding the baby as and when is required
  • Washing the baby’s face and bottom and dressing them for the day
  • Advice on breast and bottle feeding
  • Advice on colic care and reflux
  • Check on the nursery temperature
  • Help with baby’s laundry
  • Advice on teething
  • Help with winding
  • Our night nannies should be allowed to rest in between the baby’s needs

* Please provide beddings.

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