Single Child

£140 – £160
Per Night
Agency fee is £23


£200 – £210
Per Night
Agency fee is £25


£220 – £240
Per Night
Agency fee is £25

Maternity Nurse

Per 24 hours
Agency fee is £25

Day Nanny

from £16 – £18
Per Hour
Agency fee is £60

Super Premium Nanny

From 9pm – 7am
Agency fee is £110

Sleep Trainer

Per Night
Agency fee is £25

Telephone Consultant

Per Week
Agency fee is £20

More Information

Night Nanny Fee

All agency fees is paid by a debit card only. The agency charges a £130 introduction fee for the first 7 months. This entitles each customer to a night nanny for as many times a week as is required for a period of up to seven months. After this the baby is likely to have established a good sleep routine (this introduction fee is Halved if you are having up to seven nights, £65).

For each night the night nanny works the agency will charge £23, this will be payable at the end of every month by a debt card only.

Super Premium Nanny Fee

The super night nanny will visit for one night when your baby is between new-born and four months old to sort out a sleep routine and give you all the necessary guidance you need for breast feeding, and any questions you might have.

The charge will be £300 from 9pm to 7am and this will include two weeks telephone consultation after she finishes the job. After that you have to pay her £50 for any telephone call.

There is an agency introduction fee of £110.

Maternity Nurse Fee

The charges are £250 Per 24hrs (from £280 for twins) the agency fee is £110 Per week.

If a Night Nanny becomes permanent nanny then the standard 6 weeks of her years’ salary will be charged.

Day Nanny Fee

The rate will be ​£18 per hour up to 5 hours. For a full day (more than 5 hours) the rate is £16 per hour. Agency charges a £60 introduction fee.

Sleep Trainer Fee

For babies over 6 months The Nanny gets £260 and £140 agency fees, nightly fee is not charged.

Telephone Consultation Fee

There will be a charge of £360 for the nanny for a week and a one off agency charge of £100.


Good Friday, Easter-day, Christmas Day, Christmas night, Boxing Day, News Eve, New year Day.

Bank Holidays are double pay to the nanny.

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