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All our Nannies are now vaccinated unless stated otherwise. Our nannies will continue to take appropriate measures within your home to contain the spread of covid.

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I have no hesitation in recommending Irene. We were thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and expertise throughout her time with us. She was calm and confident in her care, and was also a delight to have in our home. I trusted her to take care of my baby in every way, and I also learned a lot from her wealth of experience in looking after babies of all ages. We were a very stressed and exhausted new family when Irene came to us, but by the time she left we were a much happier, more confident and organised household with a clear routine, good breastfeeding habits, and even a sense of humour again!


Lian Howard has been a godsend with the arrival of our newborn. She started with us when our daughter was two weeks and taught us so much about breast feeding, pumping and settling during the night. Lian has a special energy which we loved how she interacted with our daughter and was so comfortable with having her in our home- she immediately felt like part of our family. She even went above and beyond and made us our morning coffee and walked our puppy. If we have any troubles with the sleeping we will immediately call Lian and have her back. She is a true professional and amazing with babies.


Anna Mary looked after my son from when he was 6 weeks old. When she started, we had no routine and my son was not a good sleeper during the day and at night. Within a few weeks, we had developed a good routine and now he sleeps through the night. My son also had reflux and therefore was quite difficult at the start; Anna Mary was a great support through all of this and as a result he is a much happier baby! She has been such a huge help and has given us many tips and guidance on everything from bedtime routine to activities to do with the baby during the day. On a personal level, she is a joy to have in the house and I felt like my baby was in very safe hands.

Lauren Adams

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